Monthly CARAG Neighborhood Meeting Minutes: March 15, 2016

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting
March 15, 2016 Minutes

Attending: Blake Bailes, Diana Boegemann, Cameron Conway, Diana Crane, Brad Klein, Jay Lindgren, Tricia Markle


Excused Absences: Colin Harris, Nancy Riestenberg


The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM.


Introductions & Announcements

– Board members and attendees introduced themselves.


Agenda & Minutes

  • Motion, seconded to approve the agenda as presented. Approved.
  • Motion, seconded to approve the February 15 meeting minutes,. Approved.


Bryant Square Park, Jason Green

  • Park renovations will begin this summer and the recreation center will be closed in July as crews replace the floor. However, the Ice Cream Social and outdoor concerts will go on as planned.
  • Sign up for baseball has begun.
  • Contact BSP at (612) 370-4907 or .


5th Police Precinct Crime Trend Update, Chelsea Adams & Sgt. Mike Frye

  • Adams and Frye discussed a rape that occurred in CARAG the previous week. The incident does not reflect the overall trend for crime in CARAG. In fact, violent crime like assaults and robbery are down significantly from past years.
  • CARAG, MPD, and other Uptown neighborhood associations are organizing a Personal Safety & Robbery Prevention Workshop for March 31 with self defense expert Mary Brandl. She will highlight ways to prevent attacks and review basic self defense tips.


Bryant Square Park Renovations, Deb Bartels- MPRB Project Manager

  • Bartels noted that there have been two Community Meetings to discuss wading pool, playground, and recreation center improvements. Feedback was gathered at the park and during the Chili Fest. Regarding the wading pool, there is desire for a deeper pool, shade structure, sprinkler features, and upgraded fencing, but the MPRB budget will not cover those costs for upgrades. She needs to firm up the design for the pool within the next few weeks in order to seek bids for the project. There was a discussion about whether CARAG was able to commit the $50,000 in NRP funds for sprinkler features, a shade structure, and iron fencing. MPRB is able to provide chain link and an upgrade to iron is a significant cost.
  • Motion, Seconded to commit NRP funds for sprinkler features and a shade structure. Approved. Bartels will include those items when seeking bids and request a quote for both a chain link and iron fence through the bid process.
  • Another Community Meeting is scheduled for April 9 to discuss options for the playground It appears MPRB funds are sufficient to cover the cost of that piece of the project..


Land Use & Transportation Committee, Blake Bailes

  • The committee reviewed the Water Course Counseling expansion project, which requires variances for parking and setbacks. Motion, seconded to approve the following resolution “CARAG’s land use and transportation committee recommends support for the water course counseling project at 3548 Bryant Ave S.” Approved.
  • The committee also discussed the Up Down restaurant that is planned for 3012/14 Lyndal Avenue S. The committee liked the overall project, but had concerns regarding noise from the rooftop and back patios during late night hours. There was no consensus, so no resolution was put forward for consideration. Up Down owner Josh Ivey was available to provide an update about the project. The issue will go back to the LU&T committee for more discussion.
  • CARAG Parklet: Engel has set up a meeting with the owner of Morrissey’s Irish Pub at 913 W. Lake Street to review details of hosting the CARAG parklet this season. Klein volunteered to attend the meeting too.


Livability & Engagement Committee, Tricia Markle

  • Chilly Chili Fest: The event was a big success on February 28 raising $2,100 and collecting 402 pounds of food for Joyce Uptown Food Shelf.
  • Native Plant Grants: Markle presented guidelines for a grant program encouraging property owners to purchase native plants to support wildlife habitat. CARAG will use up to $1,000 from the “Public Gardening” strategy from the NRP action plan for up to $50 rebates. Motion, seconded to approve the guidelines as presented. Approved.


Treasurer’s Report, Scott Engel

  • The CARAG Operations and NRP Administrative account balances and register reports will be available for review next month.
  • Calhoun Square and Go96 radio presented CARAG with a check for $685 from Uptown Tree Lot proceeds over the holidays.
  • Engel will ask the CARAG Board to vote on a resolution via email giving authority to the President and Vice President to sign the MN Attorney General’s registration.



The meeting adjourned at 8:34PM.