Monthly CARAG Neighborhood Meeting Minutes: May 17, 2016

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting
May 17, 2016

Attending: Blake Bailes, Diana Boegemann, Cameron Conway, Diana Crane, Colin Harris, Brad Klein, Tricia Markle, Nancy Riestenberg


Excused Absences: Jay Lindgren


The meeting was called to order at 7:04PM.


Introductions & Announcements

– Board members and attendees introduced themselves.


Agenda & Minutes

  • Motion, seconded to approve the agenda and April 19 meeting minutes,. Approved.


Bryant Square Park, Jason Green

  • Park renovations will begin this summer and the recreation center will be closed from late June through July as crews replace the floor. However, the Ice Cream Social and outdoor concerts will go on as planned.
  • Green noted that there are two baseball teams this year.
  • Contact Bryant Square Park at (612) 370-4907 for more information.


10th Ward City Council Update, Lisa Bender

  • CM Bender and Goodman are working with the Planning Department to strengthen Pedestrian Overlay Districts on streets in the 7th & 10th Wards including Hennepin, Lake, Lyndale, and Nicollet. The goal will be to prevent car-oriented development like the recent Wells Fargo and Walgreens projects. A Public Meeting about this issue is scheduled for May 31.
  • The Up Down restaurant liquor license was approved after the City, restaurant owners, and residential property owners figured out ways to make the rooftop patio unobtrusive for area residents.
  • The City Council approved a 20-year funding scheme for neighborhood parks and street maintenance.
  • Somogyi will be leaving his job at the City in June to pursue a law degree this fall. Ron Harris will take over soon in the role as 10th Ward Policy Aide.


Lake Calhoun & Harriet Master Plan, Deb Bartels

  • Bartels has been leading the effort to create 20-year Master Plans for Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet as required by the Met Council. The Chain of Lakes are considered Regional Parks and are funded by the Met Council.
  • A 25-member Community Advisory Committee (CAC) has been meeting for about one year discussing options for improvements at both lakes. Their list includes more than $100 million in projects, but only $3 million is identified so far. Bartels described many projects including moving the L. Calhoun Sailing School, widening trails on the Lake St. bridge over Kennyworth Lagoon, creating a land bridge over Lake Street, finding ways to improve water quality, and repaving trails.


NRP Implementation Committee, John Strong

  • The City will conduct an election on June 16 for the Neighborhood & Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) and neighborhood organizations can select an “elector” to represent their organization, hear from candidates, and vote. Markle volunteered to represent CARAG at the NCEC election. Motion, seconded to appoint Tricia Markle as CARAG’s NCEC elector. Approved.
  • NRP Committee members have been meeting with nonprofits about ways to use CARAG NRP housing funds to support affordable housing. Some neighborhood organizations have provided low interest loans to the Neighborhood Assistance Fund to fund projects in the City.


Livability & Engagement Committee, Tricia Markle

  • Several events are coming up in the next month including the CARAG Super Sale, CARAG Plant Swap & Pollinator Event, Open Streets- Lyndale, BSP Concert Series Kick Off, and CARAG Garden Tour.
  • The Midtown Greenway Coalition (MGC) sent a letter to CARAG seeking funds to support their work, and the Livability Committee is recommending a financial contribution of $100. Motion, seconded to contribute $100 to the MGC. Approved.


Treasurer’s Report, Brad Klein/ Scott Engel

  • The CARAG Operations and NRP Administrative account balances and register reports were available for review.


Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 8:30PM.

The next meeting is June 21 and will be held at First Universalist Church due to construction at Bryant Square Park.