Board of Directors

CARAG has a nine-member volunteer Board of Directors that is elected by the CARAG membership each September at the CARAG Neighborhood Annual Meeting. Nominations are  accepted at the August and September CARAG neighborhood meetings.

The Board is responsible for managing the organization and conducting the business of the neighborhood. Any person who lives, owns a business or owns property in CARAG is eligible for CARAG membership, and is eligible to vote on neighborhood issues during CARAG Neighborhood meetings. We strongly encourage renters to volunteer on the Board.

2017/2018 CARAG Board of Directors

  • Ginny Buran
  • Max Ellis, Secretary
  • Chris Finlay, Vice-President
  • Colin Harris
  • Brad Klein, Treasurer
  • John Kossouros
  • Jay Lindgren
  • Jason Lord
  • Tricia Markle, President

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