Best VR Headset For Education

Best VR Headset For Education – Study The Virtual World

This global pandemic is affecting educational development drastically. With online classes and piles of assignments, students can’t do anything except staring blankly on the screen. What about introducing something Entertaining in a study routine?

Best VR Headset For Education

The perfect choice for that might be a VR Headset. How? Studying and learning valuable knowledge at 360-view and that too in Virtual World can influence the mind to learn heartedly. Whether it’s social studies, arts, or any science experiment, VR Headset will give an amazing experience of exploring the class moments just like before.

We have reviewed the top Best VR Headset For Education while keeping student’s requirements in mind. Want to know the editor’s favourite? Here it is. The Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset is the top choice when it comes to gain e-learning opportunities.


With a wide view-angle, feather Headband, and excellent compatibility, this headset holds such brilliant features. And quick controlling access is all we need to enjoy the virtual world without having limitations.


Best VR Headset For Education

Before digging deep into the reviews and features of our recommended VR Headset, why don’t take a look at the Comparison Table? It’ll aid you in making the best move towards a better future.


Best VR Headset For Education



Google Cardboard, VR Headsets 3D Exclusive Cardboard Frame Check Price
HTC VIVE Cosmos Sturdy And Lightweight Frame Check Price
Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Headset Powerful And Cozy Frame Check Price
Sony Computer Entertainment VR Remarkable Headband Design Check Price
HTC Vive Pro Eye Headset Cushioned Face, And Headphones Check Price
VIOTEK Spectre VR Headset Ultra-Comfortable Design Check Price


Let’s dive into a world of virtual reality, what kind of features these VR Headsets for education have to offer. Are they worthy enough or just not your cup of tea? It’s time to find out!

Google Cardboard, VR Headsets 3D

The unique design and quality performance, that’s all these Google VR Headsets are. For a picky person, these headsets are available in different elegant colors to match your style. Weigh only 5.6 Ounces, the compact frame intends to give students an enjoyable time in the fantasy world. And the most important thing is the comfort level, the cardboard frame does offer a decent comfort but you can’t expect it equivalent to padding.

Hold on, don’t underestimate the stability of these Cardboard Headsets. They’ve been made with sturdy AAA Corrugated Material and maintain powerful durability through the years. Discussing its magnificent picture quality, they proudly stand out from others at the same price point. The Biconvex Lenses promises to let the students travel the world with stunning views at the comfort of your home. History assignments can’t be more exciting and interesting. What do you think?

The premium feature is HD Cinematic Visuals, students can easily take a world tour and note down important facts related to the ancient history with fun. Google knows how Compatibility can affect the overall virtual experience. For that matter, the brand takes certain steps to ensure versatile compatibility.

Teachers and students can connect the VR Headsets with iPhone, Samsung, Plus, Samsung Note, Nexus, and Moto G4. We can say that it’s compatible with all smartphones and the connection procedure takes a little time. After a few seconds, the very personal VR Headsets will be ready to take you on a magnificent journey of the science world.


  • Wireless Connection Process
  • Compatible With 6.0″ Smartphones
  • Lightweight And Durable


  • Might Cause Discomfort


Why is it on our list? At the exceptionally affordable price, we can’t expect more. If you’re a student and looking forward to maximizing educational opportunities with the help of technology, these Google Cardboard Headsets might be the best thing.


Want something special? The HTC VIVE Cosmos might be the best bet for you. These exquisitely designed VR Headsets not only provide wonderful opportunities in education aspects but for gamers as well. A little break during hectic studies can fresh up the mind to conquer the next challenge of mathematics. With HTC Headsets you’ll have 2 benefits in one, an excellent understanding of projects with impressive gameplay moments. Sounds exciting. Doesn’t it?

Let’s talk deeply about its pleasant features. The high-class Ear Headphones offer great benefits while maintaining a peaceful environment, cutting you from the real world. With the 90hz Refresh Rate and High-Resolution Display, you won’t miss any moment of the teacher’s explanation on important topics. No torn and stuttered images, just you and your virtual classroom.

Still not impressed? Here is another top-notch feature. The Adjustable IPD Dial means the distance between your screen and eyes will be in your control. With one swift movement, you can increase the distance and get to enjoy the Wide Tracking Field Of Vision.

We all want comfort because complicated things can be a big challenge to get rid of. But you’ve got nothing to worry about, the Flip-Up Design permits you to take important calls and messages with just one push on the display. In case you don’t want to leave the fantasy world that early, just cut off the calls and continue with your enjoyable time.

Breathable padding further leads to complete wholesome moments. With a Perforated Faceplate and lightweight design, you won’t feel there is anything at all on your head. A perfect combination for extended online classes.


  • 2800×1700 Combined Resolution
  • VIVEPORT Library Access
  • 6 Tracking Cameras


  • Uncontrollable Tracking


Why is it on our list? We’re sure with the Splendid Picture Quality and Amazing Functionality, these headsets can be a worthwhile investment for you. Have we told you about controllers? These are going to be handy in battlefield games for sure.

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

For the people who are one investment in a life kind, the Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset with a strong base stands proudly. It’s widely used by gamers to increase excitement levels in a typical game routine. That’s exactly what you want in your study schedule, a small motivation to keep up with your plans. With the weight of 4.57 Pounds, it might feel a little heavy on the head. But because of its advanced channelling abilities, you’ll have to bear the weight.

If you analyse its comfort level, it’s quite impressive. The smooth frame around the eyes maintains a cosy environment and prevents discomforting effects on the skin. And Compact Headband balances out the weight efficiently without putting any pressure on the nose area. You’re able to enjoy working on assignments, while the lightweight band on your head takes care of the rest.

Its Premium Insight Tracking System allows the wide-angle accordingly with your movements. Meanwhile, the best feature Room-Scale doesn’t let you crash on the furniture in case you’ll be lost too much in the online world. Even if it’s playing games or understanding complicated sums of mathematical rules, the Simple Controlling Process will be the hero to act in obedience to your liking.

Here comes Compatibility, its smart features hold the responsibility of undemanding connectivity. From iPhone to Android, the Oculus once again proves successfully why it’s the Best VR Headset For Education.


  • Two Touch Controllers
  • Intelligible Set-Up
  • Room-Scale System


  • Low Battery Life


Why is it on our list? The Oculus VR Headset is the expert’s favourite gadget. Not just it provides impressive performance in creating much-needed energy and fun in your educational environment but also keeps your gameplay out of the world. A minor downside is 2 Hours Of Battery Life.

Sony Computer Entertainment VR

In the digital world, Sony doesn’t need any introduction. From high-quality PlayStation to excellently designed headsets, customers are head over heels. This Sony Computer Entertainment VR Headset is no exception. With 5.7″ View Angle, it ensures to give awe-inspiring trips to the world’s most renowned cities. And the wide-angle offers a smoother change of the virtual world following your movements.

The high-quality 1080p resolution enhances colour contrasts on the screen making them brighter. The crystal visibility is another awesome addition to bring relief to your eyes. Because studying for longer hours is enough reason for eye tiredness, you can’t afford to get any more while collecting facts in Virtual Reality. If you’re fond of games or just want to play some games during your free time, Sony is offering 120 Frames Per Seconds.

Resulting in realistically improved online surroundings, you can stand next to your favourite scientist and footballer or smash the game’s challenges like you’re in the real world. The Smooth Flow will introduce you to the highest level of optimism, bringing motivation to do much more. And do you know the best part? These headsets are Unexacting To Operate, plug in the device with headsets and you’ll be good to go.

Accompanied by 4 Controllers, Sony promises to sprinkle some spice in your boring quarantine life. Along with comes A Cozy feeling of lightweight headsets, sounds like a blissful time. The Even area around the centre gives a restful studying time and helps in controlling the heavyweight headsets. Surely an exceptional quality gadget by Sony.


  • Deluxe Picture Quality
  • High-quality Lenses
  • Powerful Performance


  • Competitively Expensive Price


Why is it on our list? If we ignore the price point, these Headsets by Sony deserve to be on the top of the list. Whether it’s picture quality, sound, or comfort system, they effortlessly tick all the boxes. Supportive customer care is the cherry on the top.

HTC Vive Pro Eye Headset

Have a higher budget? This Pro Eye Headset by HTC is here to help you in the global pandemic. The finest picture quality keeps you glued down to the screen, letting you survey the top scientist’s labs. Its prime point is Eye-Tracking Technology that offers enormously good angles to enjoy the virtual world with zero distortion. For a further deep angle, you can open the door placed at the front.

The combination of Dual OLED Display and 2880 × 1600 Combined Resolution makes every tiny detail on the screen visible, putting minimal light on the eyes. It’s the best way to protect yourself from severe headaches and eye fatigue in longer studying hours. No matter how excellent picture quality is, distorted sound can ruin the entire VR Experience. To save you from this nightmare, let us introduce padded Headphones.

They mimic the sound and vibrancy of scenes in fantasy worlds of historic places will surely make you feel completely isolated from the actual world. And for prolonged use, the Outstanding Comfort Quality is everything you could expect. The cushioning on the central part transfers a pleasant feeling around the eyes, helping you in keeping focus.

The brand isn’t prepared to compromise on your comfort level, and we can see that. Its Flexible Band is suitable for children and adults, whereas the soft band saves you from skin harming elements. And in urgent situations, all you need is its Quick On-Off Button. What else could we wish for in our Best VR Headset For Education!


  • Comes With 615 PPI
  • Suitable For Glasses Wearing People
  • Amazing Adjustability


  • Unimpressive Control System


Why is it on our list? We’re totally in love with these headsets by HTC. They’re like a perfect package for educational and entertainment activities. The finest Comfort Level provides impressive protection from skin harming bacteria and a lightweight headband is required especially when you’re into playing games.

VIOTEK Spectre VR Headset

Want something to focus merely on studies? The VIOTEK VR Headset is specifically constructed for educational and learning opportunities. And the outstanding part is it’s available at competitively least price. It comes in sophisticated Black and Blue color with a hint of cool feeling. And its Superlative Features with comfortable design show why it’s the Best VR Headset For Education.

The Adjustable IPD permits the user to watch or learn with pleasant posture and at a comfortable distance between the eyes and the smartphone’s screen. Disturbed free sound along with crystal view, students will have a brilliant environment to showcase their genuine nature. Want to know the marvel feature? It features Flexible Adjustment Settings. Just use simple sliders and that’s all, Within some seconds a perfect Virtual Classroom will be there to clear out all your problems!

Kids or adults, everyone can use the VIOTEK VR Headset. Its adjustable head strap secures the headset, making it comfortable for every age group. Want to go for group studies or study for longer hours? The compact size doesn’t give you a hard time. Just indulge yourself in e-studies and forget about any external disturbance.

Discussing its connectivity options we’re quite sure it won’t be some of those hectic schedules like solving algebraic tasks. As it’s perfectly compatible with iPhone, Samsung, LG, and Pixels. Available with a sturdy case, it ensures to be your buddy for a prolonged period.


  • Capacitive Touch Button
  • Dual Optical Sliders
  • Compatible With 6″ Smartphone


  • Control System Could’ve Been Better


Why is it on our list? If you’re a student and can’t afford to invest more money, the VIOTEK VR Headset is a perfect shot for you. And customers are astonishingly happy with its amazing functionality. The thing we like most is the Proper Comfort System, which is suitable to meet student’s needs and experience.

How To Choose The Best VR Headset For Education?

You can read the reviews of hundreds and thousands of VR Headsets, but picking the right one for yourself seems a bit tricky. But you can’t ignore your needs and requirements just because some VR Headset sounds perfect for you. If you do, you’ll end up with a piece of cake you can’t afford to eat. So why not be intellectual from the start?

We’ve some exclusive tips and suggestions to make your buying experience a wonderful one. So shall we begin?

Type Of Content

First thing first decide the content you’ll want to experience in the online world. There is numerous educational content for students even if you’re just limited to attending online classes or collecting valuable information in the virtual world.

To complete the piles of pending assignments, you can watch videos, tours, seminars, and much more, make sure to Choose The VR Headset Accordingly. Our recommended headsets are suitable for every type of content, so you don’t need to form any concerns about their Intellectual Functioning Power!

Gaming Or Education

If you’re that type of person who loves to enjoy little gaming sessions during studies, you might want to go for the Versatile VR Headset. This kind of headsets will offer a great time in Online Group Studies and also calm your game cravings wonderfully. Sony and Oculus are some of the reliable brands to provide you exactly what you wish.

One major factor you must keep in mind is exploring the world from a 360-view angle can be an addictive thing. So don’t overdo things, it’s better to take care than experiencing intense headaches and eye fatigues.

Spending Time

Spending time with VR Headset is an essential factor. Think about the estimated hours you’re going to spend in front of the screen. Analyze the class schedule, make notes of pending assignments or decide gaming hours. That way you’ll have an unobstructed idea of the Powerful Performance you wish to own.

More performance means more power and more cost. If you compromise on the functioning power, don’t forget to limit down the time. Because overusing the VR Headset may be harmful in the long run.

Comfort Level

Comfort comes first. Imagine understanding a complicated concept of science and feeling the heavyweight of headsets on your head. Sounds awful. That’s why you must prioritize the comfort level while deciding to go for the specific VR Headset. An ideal option should have a lightweight design with face cushioning to save your fragile eye area.

The adjustable head strap is the cherry on the cake. So you won’t feel congested during the wonderful tour of the online world. Also, the head strap must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the VR Headset.

These were some important factors you must consider when hitting the “Add To Cart” Button. They’re essential in making the right decision.

Answers Of Some FAQs

Why is VR not suitable for under 12?

Although experts still don’t recommend VR Headset for children under 12, we don’t have any solid evidence of VR’s harmful effects on children’s vision. Manufacturers are quite concerned about children using VR Headsets. And strictly warn parents to make sure that children are using it under their support.

Which is the best VR headset 2021?

Want the Best VR Headset for education and playing games? The Sony Computer Entertainment VR meets the criteria effortlessly. With 1080p Picture Quality and 120 Frames Per Second, it can take you through a magnificent journey of the virtual world. Plus, Powerful Sturdiness doesn’t allow you to regret the decision.

Is VR bad for children’s eyes?

Some people consider VR a horrible thing for children. Still, experts couldn’t find any evidence to prove so. Make sure that you don’t allow your child to use VR Headset until they turn 13. Recently, Sony warned the parents to stop letting the children use PlayStation VR. As sharp edges might be harmful to their delicate skin.

Can a 12 year old use a VR headset?

The safe age to use VR Headset is 13 years old. But if the child is not ready to leave the experience of Addictive Virtual Reality, a time limit will help solve the problem. Keep in mind that brands are not in favor of it, and precariously disagree on this matter.


Until now we’ve dug deep into the features of Best VR Headset For Education! You wouldn’t expect more from sturdy and excellent functioning VR Headsets, as we’ve picked our recommendations after doing heavy research and going through several customer reviews. So you can be worry-free regarding your buying experience. Still, have some concerns? Read the buying guide again to give yourself some dose of information!