Best VR Headset

Best VR Headset for Elite Dangerous

VR headsets help in making your gaming experience better for sure. As we know gaming is now a part of the profession. Many people are opting for it as their bread and butter. Plus, professional gamers are not only into it for earnings but to satisfy their game’s charm too.

Best VR Headset for Elite Dangerous

This article is all about the best VR headset for elite danger. The market is so full of options, glad in hearing but this huge range availability sometimes becomes a hurdle in the selection of the suitable product. As different VR headsets for elite danger have distinct features along.

All the products which are selected for discussion have certain benefits. You can read the further article for better understanding. As these products are well described with not only their pros but also cons are included for your true help with unbiased reviews.

But, in case you don’t have much time to keep reading the whole length, you can get instant help with our Top-Pick option, Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Headset, one of the perfectly designed headsets with OLED display form and Bluetooth advanced connectivity option.

Best VR Headset for Elite Dangerous

The comparison table below is there for your instant help. In case you are running out of time or you want to have a quick review about all the products, have a look over the table that also includes the instant feature check plus the link to the product site.








Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Headset


Bluetooth connectivity, OLED display form


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HTC Vive Cosmos Elite System


10.7 pounds weight, LCD form


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Oculus Quest 2 Headset


5.46 screen size, HDMI connectivity


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Valve Index VR Full Kit


15.97 pounds weight, fine black appearance


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HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset


1.1 pounds weight, 114-degree viewing field


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HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset


1.1 pounds weight, 4320 x 2160 resolution


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The Oculus Rift S PC-Powered Headset is considered one of the best VR headset for elite dangerous containing essential and unique features. For instance, it comes along with a wide viewing field, which means head turn is not required too often, making the results perfect.

The product contains 10.94 x 6.3 x 8.27 inches of dimensions with 2.31 pounds weight. Also, it contains one of the larger VR gaming top libraries, that entertains the user with hundreds of available game options for perfect playtime also the more that are going to come.

Headset’s resolution power is of good level for the fulfilment of basic tasks (although it is less as compared to contemporaries). It is about 1280 x 1440, which is sufficient for a fine and smooth performing level but sometimes (in rare cases) more than this is a necessity.

Besides, touch controllers also come along in the set, which provides help in precision realistic approach along intuitive for instance grabs, throws, etc. which perfectly delivers the feeling of the complete presence of yours in the game, making the experience more powerful.

Also, delivers high-quality lenses and sharp display (containing next-generation), this quality and improved optics level contains bright and vivid colours and at the same time reduces the level of screen-door effect. Ergonomic design permits comfortable and complete game inside time.


The headset can be seen as a perfect package product along with an interesting feature. It allows high-end realistic gaming times along with the feeling of gestures presence inside.  Plus, you can make an easy connection with your friends through your Facebook account logged in.


  • Provides 115-degree wide viewing field
  • Comes along with a built-in sound system, delivers crisp results
  • No external motion sensors required
  • Comes along with the comfortable and secure design


  • Have limited 80Hz refresh rate


The product contains some top-quality features among contemporaries. It delivers elite quality performance under games. Also, you can get precise moments from all sides. The quality resolution provides smooth details while reducing the screen-door effects.

HTC Vive Cosmos contains 10.7 pounds along with the 6.3 x 8.27 x 3.46 inches dimensions. It is perfectly compatible with your PC (personal computer) and works through Windows operating system. The fine black appearance makes the headset more attractive to use.

The catchiest thing about the product which makes it stand among the best VR headset for elite dangerous is its 1.0 base station that’s needed for lighthouse tracking. As it delivers around 160 square feet of space. This takes the gaming experience up to a smooth level.

The graphics you get over the screen are crystal clear with powerful 2880 x 1700 resolution. This power keeps the pixel distance at the level of perfection over LCD panels (all-new). Also, it helps in minimizing or reducing the screen-door effects.

The flip-up structure or design of the product balances accurately between virtual reality and reality but doesn’t make any disturbance in your VR journey. Plus, the Vive reality system takes you seamlessly through the virtual experiences and lets you discover all of them.


Flip-up structure and powerful resolution deliver balanced reality and virtual reality. Through such product get access to so many (hundreds) of videos, apps, and most of all games. Plus, the quality of precision moments makes the gaming experience top class.


  • Perfect balance between reality & virtual reality
  • Have flip-up structure
  • 2880 x 1700 resolution
  • Find some new content through it


  • Viveport software usage is necessary


Next-level enjoyment can be experienced with this high-end product. As it comes along with top-quality hardware and provides the perfect resolution results. Your all moments can be delivered accurately with its ultra-fast processing system.

The product contains 1.83 pounds weight and 16.3 x 7.64 x 5.04 inches dimensions. The display screen size is about 5.46. that makes a comfortable viewing time. The white appearance along with the HDMI connectivity option keeps the experience at a higher end.

The most enhancing element of the headset is its next or high-level hardware, which helps in delivering fast and smooth results with top-quality resolution power. Also, you can feel every count (movement) of yours perfectly with its top-end processor.

The headset can be called an all-in-one gaming product because of many reasons including backward ability or compatibility. With its library (Quest library) you can find both new and old games (titles) easily. This is an immersive experience to get for your gaming.

You can easily meet up with your friends and gamers by just making it connected with your Facebook account. Just log in to your account and start connecting with others. Besides, it comes with almost percent more detailed (accurate) pixels than the previous products.


Quest product is a perfect option for an entertaining gaming experience. It comes along with many benefits like high-end resolution, top quality hardware, fast working processor, etc. also, the setup process of the product is much easier, making it a convenient product to buy.


  • Delivers premium quality display
  • Gives the ultimate gaming control
  • Easily sets up for functioning
  • White classic appearance


  • Facebook is required for its usage


A high-end designed headset with many essential features along. Although the price range of the product is a little higher as compared to contemporary items. The headset is new and PC-tethered high-end, as it (the brand) hasn’t much inside the headset manufacturing previously.

Valve Index VR Full Kit contains 23.5 x 17 x 9 inches dimensions and 15.97 pounds weight. Also, lithium batteries (one at a single time) polymer are required for their functioning or operation. The set comes along a battery already, which attracts the customers too.

The structure is what makes it a stunning item as well of advanced level in comparison to the others. Because of its fine black appearance and highly manufactured designing the headset stands among the best VR headset for elite danger.

One of the catchiest features is that it provides hardware at the top level. This helps in delivering visual effects of perfect (best) stature along with the refresh rate (high-end) 120 to 144Hz although 144 is inside experimental mode only. The qualities described above promote the upper-level results.

130-degree viewing angle field permits you to view the detailed angles without the distinction from which corner you are watching. Besides, all these essentials there are few others too, crisp audio with built-in speakers, index controllers (tracking per finger), etc.


The headset is a quality product that is a new one with advanced features in comparison to contemporaries. It can be called a Rolls-Royce of headsets (VR). Highly designed structure along with the weight of perfect balance. Also, a USB option is included.


  • 130-degree viewing angles
  • Highly suitable with PC
  • Refresh rate from 120 to 144Hz
  • The hardware of good enough quality


  • Little pricier than contemporaries


Professional level VR headset with top-quality features. It takes your gaming level up to the highest extend with double-level resolution power. You can feel a highly immersive experience and your expectations of the VR headset will get changed through this product

HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset contains 1.1 pond weight only. And the dimensions are about 7 x 2.2 x 3.3 inches. Also, the 4 AAA batteries are needed for its working or operating system. The product comes along with the HDMI connectivity option, a compatible product with PC.

Many features of the headset take the attention, for instance, its resolution power 2160 x 2160, which is double of the regular ones and helps in doubling the entertainment. A 114-degree viewing angle perfectly helps in delivering the wide viewing field at every side.

You can feel the immersive level full power of the headset with its smart assistant (dual) and spatial integrated audio. So, you can not only view perfectly but also gets the voice level of top-level. And these features not only take the product among the best but at the professional level.

Another important feature of the product is its lightweight structure, or you can say that ultra-lightweight structure. This smartly designed structure not only keeps you comfortable all the time but also deep immersive natural viewing experience without burden.


Smartly designed black and grey product with many essential features along. Most of all it is comfortable even after long-run usage. Plus, you can get the most realistic viewing experiences with its double power resolution and wide field of viewing angles.


  • Lightweight only 1.1 pounds
  • Have HDMI connectivity option
  • 2160 x 2160 almost double resolution
  • A professional product


  • Connection making process needs extra care


The product is a more advanced form of the previous one plus can be considered at the top level among the best VR headsets for elite dangerous. It delivers a more comfortable and compatible gaming level or experience along with better and immersive results.

HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset contains 1.1 pounds lightweight along with the 0.04 x 0.04 x 0.04 inches dimensions. The fine shiny black appearance along with the comfortable structure enhances its quality level. Perfect compatibility rate with your personal computer.

The high quality and most powerful resolution of 2160 x 2160 (per eye) along with the Mura-free ultra-sharp results make the outstanding results. As the more pixelated results than contemporaries help in getting professional results of virtual reality over the screen.

As compared to the previous generation this one comes along with more clear visuals with powerful lenses. Also, the industry-leading speakers deliver high-end results or audio quality. Better and comfortable hearing with 10 mm, making compatibility with ears.

The built-in four cameras of the headset make better and smooth visuals than the previous generation. Besides, the ergonomic design of the product including controllers is comfortable to hold and use, even after long run gaming a person can not gets tired as much as with the regular products.


The highly designed VR headset with better features and formation than the previous generation. Ultra-lightweight with high-end resolution power delivers top-quality results. Also, the ergonomic structure helps in keeping the person away from tiredness for a long time.


  • Have industry-leading speakers
  • 2160 x 2160 (per eye) resolution
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Smooth visual results


  • For track movement, no external peripherals

Buying Guide

Buyer’s guide always helps the people in making a better and more suitable product decision. Similarly, this buying guide about the VR headsets for elite dangerous will surely help you to better observe the features of the products, so that you can select the best one without any confusion.

Let’s have a look over keen features, that should be considered in a buying product;

  • Compatibility with the content

This is the most important point to firstly look under the products you are searching for. VR headsets are not limited to games only. Although they function more precisely under games but can also be used for different purposes, for your entertainment.

If you want to play a video game over a VR headset then select the tethered one (VR Headset) as they perfectly work with the PC games of yours. But look over other options in the market for essential playtimes like for watching videos, etc.

  • Resolution power

This is also a very important thing for smooth results over the screen. Higher the resolution power, higher the pixelated results, and better the gaming experience. The VR headsets with powerful resolutions make more clear images over the screen for smooth gaming.

For instance, the resolution power of about 2160 x 2160 per eye will be something outstanding. And the headsets which contain this power will double your VR headset gaming time for elite danger. Little lower than this also work effectively.

  • Structure of VR headset

This is something mostly overlooked by the buyers. As they usually go with reading the essential features and can’t check the comfort zone of the headset. And as a result, faces some serious irritating consequences like too much tiredness after product usage.

An ergonomic designed VR headset with a lightweight structure will be more effective to buy. As it keeps the person under smooth gaming time and the lightweight structure keeps away the head from tiredness, also stays for long run smooth usage.

  • Budget/range

This thing should also be taken in mind along while going for buying a product. Your budget range defines many things. Like if you decide first, around which budget you want a headset, you’ll be more precise in your selection without wasting time.

A high-end budget of course gives better and advanced products. But there are certain options among VR headsets under the normal budget range. If you want something under normal rates then look wisely among selective options and go for the needed features.

  • Size of the room

Most people laugh over it or don’t consider it a necessary part to note down while buying a product. But must consider the size of your room in mind when you are selecting a VR headset for elite danger, there are many reasons for it, for instance;

The size or space of your room will determine the virtual space you are going to get for your game time. As for VR headset gaming you need to move your gestures along, more space will be better with a wide range of products.

  • Viewing field

This feature also helps in getting a better and immersive gaming experience. The viewing field is something that helps in a better and wide viewing range if you have selected a better-quality product. On the other hand, it ruins the results if all the angles are not completely observed.

A viewing angle field of 112 degrees or more is perfectly compatible to get the wide angles at every corner. So, you can get every detail happening inside the game without missing one. This will help in delivering better or professional gaming.




  • What VR headsets work with elite danger?

Among our listed products, Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Headset is the best VR headset that works with elite dangerous quite effectively. It comes along with many essential benefits including a 115-degree wide viewing field and built-in smooth sound speakers.

  • Is Elite Dangerous better in VR?

Yes, to some extent, elite dangerous is considered one of such top-level personal computer’s VR compatible. But it is better under top quality or professional level VR headsets, as they come along with wide viewing angles and resolutions.

  • What is the best VR System 2020?”

Valve Index is one of the top and best VR systems 2020. But the best VR headset system 2020 for elite dangerous is Vive Pro with 1440 x 1600 resolution power that delivers highly pixelated results over the screen.


The article contains information on the best VR headset for elite dangerous. The top-quality products among so many options in the market are well described along with their essential features. Also, the pros along with the drawbacks help in a better understanding of the quality level.

The buying guide portion helps the reader to make a perfect decision among dozens of options. The article is written over research and consultation of top reviews by the customers. So, read the article above to get a better understand of the VR headsets for elite danger.