Best VR Headset

Best VR Headset for Glasses – A true blessing for the speckies

It must be so frustrating when your glasses interrupt your VR experience, right? There are various VR headsets designed specifically for consoles, PC, mobile phones even some standalone options but, does a thing like VR headsets for speckies exist?

Best VR Headset for Glasses

What if we say, Yes! it does.

Excited already? Well, with the advancement in technology we have been provided with things that were never imagined before. Various top VR headset manufacturers have taken the issue of speckies into consideration and created VR devices that perfectly fit your head with glasses.

Below you can find some top-rated and the best VR headset for glasses with impressive features that offer fascinating and most importantly, an uninterrupted VR experience with high comfort.

Before we start with the official detailed guide, let’s have a sneak peek of our top recommendation. According to our research, the VR headset for glasses with the most outstanding features is none other than the Sony Computer Entertainment VR.

The reasons why this is prominently the best VR headset for glasses include its incredible 1080p display that runs smoothly at 120 fps, aesthetic LEDs around the headgear, motion control support and several more. It was just a brief description; you can find more about this headset in the guide below.

Best VR Headsets for Glasses

While purchasing a VR headset, you would probably come across several products and can confuse between a few of them. Therefore, to minimize your confusion and help you with the right decision, we have compiled a comparison chart below.

Know the key features of the products, check their price, compare each from the other and pick your perfect fit.


Best VR Headsets for Glasses Features Price
VR Headset Homido V2 Wireless, built-in action button, AR compatible Check Price
Merge VR Headset AR compatible, antimicrobial material, 95° FOV Check Price
Samsung Gear VR Powered by Oculus, 101° FOV, android compatible Check Price
Sony Computer Entertainment VR 1080p display, motion control support, built-in mic Check Price
HTC Vive Virtual Reality System Fully immersive, 110° FOV, room-scale zone Check Price
Oculus Rift VR Headset Built-in audio system, includes a remote, efficient sensor Check Price


  1. VR Headset Homido V2


Homido has introduced the latest Android-based as well as iPhone-based VR Headsets for people who enjoy virtual reality VR. Not only does this headset offer a comfortable experience at a low price but also ensures that you get to explore the virtual world in all its glory. Its incredibly smart design leaves you wanting for more, that’s a promise!


Since the comfort of the eyes is Homido’s foremost priority, the VR headset has an adjustable pupil distance option which you can use as per your own level of comfort. This can be done by adjusting a rolling gear present on one of the 3D VR glasses. Similarly, the object distance can also be perfected by adjusting the rolling gear present on the VR glass.

With its T-shaped straps, you can easily fit the accessory on your head without putting excess pressure on your temple. The finest quality foam installed on the device can also be replaced if needed. Its ergonomic design makes sure that your head is secure and not overburdened with the weight of the device.

Other than that, this device offers a variety of compatibility options with a screen size of 4 to 5.7 inches. These options include Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/Note 5/4/S7 Edge, Apple iPhone 5C/5S/6/6S/7/7S/7Plus, LG, ASUS, and Sony.


Homido’s VR Headset is installed with high-quality lenses to provide you with an amazing and immersive experience. Its high-powered Lithium-ion batteries allow up to 200 hours of VR entertainment through which you can explore different areas of the VR world. Similarly, to interact with the VR apps, you can use the Capacitive action button and enjoy the best-in-class new apps with incredible performance.


  • Dimensions:06 x 21.46 x 16.73 inches
  • Weight:88 pounds
  • Field of view: 103 degrees
  • Operating System: Android
  • Platform: Windows


  • Wide compatibility
  • Super clear lenses
  • Includes straps and carrying case
  • Adjustable optics


  • Lacks rotational tracking
  • Heavy/tough bridge of the nose
  • Lacks proximity sensors


This is the best VR headset for glasses as it is suitable for both adults and kids because of its adjustable optical properties. Other than some of its limitations, it is a perfect blend of both worlds at a reasonable price that works with all kinds of smartphones.


  1. Merge VR Headset


Looking for a VR headset that is affordable as well as long-lasting? Look no further than the Merge VR headset that is sleek in design and comfortable in terms of use. The headset is packed with amazing features so let’s discuss in detail what the VR headset has to offers


The headset is made from anti-microbial foam that is sturdy and very comfortable on the head. The purple-looking headset is very attractive to the eye and perfect for kids to use. The headset is very adjustable and fits perfectly regardless of your face shape. It can also be accessed while wearing glasses. There are no sharp edges or bumps hence you can be stress-free when giving it to your kids.

In terms of compatibility, the goggles work perfectly with both Android and iOS. Moreover, you can access up to 56 applications covering games and music by going to the Merge Start website. The headset also works with YouTube VR and Google cardboard.

The goggles are compatible with the Merge Cube as well. The merge cube lets you hold virtual objects in your own hands to give an immersive and learning experience. A lot of people don’t know about the merge cube option and don’t make the most of it hence we definitely recommend using this spectacular feature.


With the Merge VR headset, you are destined to have an immersive experience. Whether it’s exploring the solar system or studying a chemistry lesson, the headset guarantees to make your virtual reality experience lifelike.


  • Dimensions:5 x 7.5 x 4 inches
  • Weight:75 pounds
  • Field of view: 95 degrees
  • Operating system: Android and iOS
  • Platform: iOS


  • Water and shock-resistant
  • Reasonable
  • Easy to setup


  • Lenses may slide out of position


The Merge Headset has been awarded the Best VR headset for Kids hence this pretty much says about how good this product is hence we would advise on buying this spectacular headset


  1. Samsung Gear VR


Designed by the finest worldwide renowned brand of Samsung, this Headset is packed with a list of impressive qualities to ensure that you get to experience the entire Virtual world with just a single VR headset device.


Since the package also includes a VR Bluetooth controller, you can easily use it to make power moves, navigate and perform well in virtual game sessions using multiplayer mode with your friends. With the Oculus Store, you can get your hands on the top-rated entertainment programs like movies, TV shows, games, etc. You don’t need extra wires to set up the device, you can easily place any Galaxy phone and get it to work in no time. For comfort, the headset is fixed with cushion padding and smooth edges so that your head doesn’t burn up. There is a USB port available which you can use to connect the smartphones with the device easily. This Headset is compatible with all Samsung mobile phones including Samsung Galaxy Series: S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge Plus/S7/S7 edge/ and Note Series: Galaxy Note 5 and newer models.


To deliver promising performance to the users, the Samsung VR Headset runs on 2 AAA battery type and the special edition of a controller which lets you select, drag, drop and point easily and much faster.


  • Dimensions: 06 x 5.31 x 2.01 inches
  • Weight: 76 pounds
  • Field of view: 360 degrees
  • Operating System: Android Lollipop 5.0 or later
  • Platform: Android


  • Crisp and detailed visuals
  • Includes voice command
  • Friendly interface
  • Affordable


  • Limited to Samsung models
  • Limited apps are supported
  • Non-rechargeable controller


For a Samsung lover who likes to explore the virtual world in sharp details and improved performance, this VR Headset is a perfect choice. Its incredible 360-degrees of immersive experience will let you enjoy VR entertainment with your friends and family easily.


  1. Sony Computer Entertainment VR


Are you tired of consistently gaming on your PS4 console and want to try something new? Look no further than Sony’s very own PlayStation VR headset that delivers world-class quality and takes your console gaming experience to a whole new level


Out of all the VR headsets present, we believe the PlayStation VR is the most attractive to the eye with its impressive black and white plastic material and blue LED lights at the front.

The inside of the headset has a soft cushion that is finished with rubber to provide comfort and firm placement of your head. Similarly, the headset also fits perfectly when wearing glasses. There is also an inline button present that controls the volume hence it is pretty easy to adjust accordingly.

The headset is very easy to use as it features a plug-and-play option. Lunge yourself in the whole new PlayStation world with over five different worlds to counter that includes a strategic London Heist, Street race VR luge, Danger ball sports, Alien craft scavenger Odyssey, and astonishing ocean descent.


The performance of the PlayStation VR is top level. Having a 5.7-inch LED display, the goggles display a sharp resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. A refresh rate of 120Hz along with 120 frames per second ensures the display is crystal clear with rich details.


  • Dimensions:43 x 18.18 x 10.55 inches
  • Weight:04 pounds
  • Field of view: 100 degrees
  • Operating System: PlayStation 4
  • Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR


  • Impressive motion control
  • Also works with non-VR apps
  • Wide range of games


  • PlayStation camera sold separately


The Sony PlayStation VR is a powerful headset that has brought VR experience to gaming consoles. For a true-to-life experience, this headset should be your best buy.


  1. HTC Vive Virtual Reality System


The HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System is very flexible and rich in technology. Not only will it give you an immersive yet fascinating experience, but also up your game trends with its latest set of integrated technologies.


You can use this VR headset while standing, sitting, or in a room with dimensions 11’5 x 11’5 with the special SteamVR feature. You will also get to experience the VIVE controllers with accuracy and high precision.

It supports 2160 x 1200 resolution which will allow you to watch realistic graphics at a 90 Hz refresh rate in an immersive 110 degrees of FOV. In case you walk towards the edge of your room, the room-scale zone will appear and the outlines will notify you about the real-world dangers.

For entertainment, you can easily register and avail unlimited games and shows with the VIVEPORT Infinity. Unlike other packages, this Headset comes with 2 wireless controllers, 2 base stations, 3-in-1 cable, cables, accessories, and chargers. The output connectors include HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2.


With NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/ AMD Radeon RX 480 as GPU Card, Intel Core i5/ AMD FX 8350 as CPU, Windows as OS, and a RAM of 4 GB, this HTC VIVE VR Headset promises to deliver excellent performance for the long term.


  • Dimensions:4 x 13.1 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Field of view: 360 degrees
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Platform: SteamVR, Windows


  • Crisp and detailed visuals
  • Includes motion controllers
  • Includes external sensors
  • Comes with advanced accessories


  • Expensive


If you are one of those people who like to play around with the latest technology products and wish to experience Virtual Reality system on a higher level, then this headset is the best VR headset for glasses. Other than its hefty price, it has many fascinating features to offer.


  1. Oculus Rift VR Headset


The headset that changed the VR experience and elevated it to another level is the Oculus Rift VR headset. Packed with amazing features, the headset is robust, precise, and easy to use


Although the headset has a pretty simple design, it is still pretty ergonomic and strong in build quality. The inside is made from foamy cushions and features bendable plastic to ensure a firm grip of the goggles on your head.

Furthermore, there are small earpads included that can be rotated or flipped depending on the way you like them. The earbuds offer excellent 3D sound transmission and provide crystal clear audio for games.

Another impressive that comes with the headset is the Oculus Touch motion controller that comes in handy for playing games that are non-motion-based. The headset has 3 featured games that include Robo Recall, Wilson’s Heart, and Lone Echo. All these games are very interesting, strategic to play, and give you an immersive experience overall. You can also download the newest games on the Oculus home.


With the Oculus VR headset, you get a powerful performance with exquisite quality. There is no screen tearing when using the goggles due to the advanced display tech used. Moreover, the head tracking is also smooth with compelling graphics.


  • Dimensions:43 x 6.54 x 12.13 inches
  • Weight:8 pounds
  • Field of angle: 180 degrees
  • Operating system: Windows
  • Platform: Oculus, Windows


  • Highly immersive
  • Variety of games


  • Heavy system requirements


The Oculus Rift goggles take your 3D experience to a different dimension. Whether it’s a movie or a videogame, the Oculus Rift will provide an experience of a lifetime.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

You may think that you know everything about a VR headset while buying it but, in reality, there are numerous things that you should search about before making a purchase. Sometimes the things that you overlook are the important factors to consider.

So, here we have brought to you our ultimate buyer’s guide, let’s check it out.

  1. VR Headset types

Currently, none of the VR manufacturers has yet developed a universal VR headset that can connect to every device therefore, you must opt from the available ones. Do you know that there are three different types of VR headset and each of them is designed for different purposes? These include:

  • Smartphone headsets: For these headsets, the source of the signal is your smartphone. There are numerous smartphone headsets available in the market. one thing to remember about these VR headsets is that the support and access to the type of content are strictly limited on these devices.
  • Tethered headsets: Any VR headset that has a wired cable for connection are known as Tethered headsets. Usually, these headsets connect to gaming consoles or PC via a compatible cable.
  • Untethered headsets: Devices that are independent of any kind of connection cable or in other words are standalone devices are called Untethered headsets. The way of connection that these headsets use are usually Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  1. Resolution

Everyone likes great quality visuals when it comes to viewing VR so that you can see clearer text and crisper images. Similarly, people who intend to use VR headsets for gaming are more into higher resolutions delivered by the VR.

Finding a VR headset that offers greater resolution is no more hassle so, we suggest you look around the market carefully.

  1. Refresh rate

Good refresh rate and resolution work together in order to provide you with the best VR experience. Having a high resolution not at all means that you will get the best refresh rate as well.

For intense gaming, you would require a minimum of 90 Hz refresh rate whereas, for casual gaming and entertainment purpose, a VR headset with a 70 Hz refresh rate would rock perfectly.

  1. Field of View

Another very important factor to consider while buying a VR headset because the field of view is responsible for providing you with an immersive VR experience. Commonly, VR headsets that offer a field of view ranging between 100 to 110 degrees are considered ideal.

Remember, the wider the field of view, the better the VR viewing experience.

  1. Weight and comfort

Since the VR headsets are strapped on the head, make sure to look for the one that is light in weight and has ergonomic inner cushioning. In that way, you won’t have to carry a harmful load on your head which would not only worsen your experience but also cause head, neck or shoulder fatigue.



  1. Can I use VR if I wear glasses?

Of course, you can! This article is all about the best VR headsets for glasses as you can find a lot of them in the market, thanks to advanced technology.

Being a specky is no more a problem when it comes to experiencing VR since a lot of companies have built VR headsets dedicatedly for people who wear glasses. In fact, most of these headsets have additional viewing options for short-sightedness, long-sightedness and normal people. This makes VR more enjoyable and less hassle.

  1. Can you use Oculus Rift’s with glasses?

Yes, you can use Oculus Rift’s with glasses since these VR headsets are designed to fit glasses with any size of the frame in order to provide maximum comfort and the best VR experience to the speckies.

  1. Which is the best VR headset 2020?

Numerous VR headsets have been rolled out by different companies to date. However, the best VR headset in 2020 was the Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset. Being a standalone headset, it doesn’t require the support of a PC or console to work for you.

Moreover, its room-scale feature prevents you from bumping into the walls. Despite being a standalone headset, it can be connected to the PC via a USB cable so that you can enjoy VR games on your PC as well.


There is an exceptional variety of VR and AR headsets in the market for almost every device but, not all are worthy enough of your investment. Every headset has its own unique features, pros and cons which must be looked for while making a purchase.

What we have concluded from our review guide is that there is a huge variety of VR headsets for glasses of which the prices vary. If budget is not your issue, look for the VR headset that fulfils all your requirements. Although there are some VR headsets available at a pretty reasonable and packed with all the amazing features but, it is all everyone’s personal choice.

Now that you have reached the conclusion, we are confident that our review guide assisted you in finding your perfect fit.