Monthly CARAG Neighborhood Meeting Minutes: May 16, 2017

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting
May 16, 2017 Minutes

Attending: Blake Bailes, Diana Boegemann, Diana Crane, Brad Klein, Tricia Markle

Absent: Ginny Buran, Colin Harris, Jay Lindgren, Nancy Riestenberg

The meeting was called to order at 7:06PM.


Introductions & Announcements

  • Board members and attendees introduced themselves.


Agenda & Minutes

  • Motion, seconded to approve the agenda and April 18 meeting minutes,. Approved.


Bryant Square Park, Jason Green

  • Green has returned part-time as Park Director after recovering from neck surgery.
  • A playground dedication is scheduled to coordinate with the BSP Concert Series Kick Off event on June 6.
  • BSP will be getting a Little Free Library for use by the community.
  • BSP will host a magic camp this summer for 9-12 year olds.
  • Contact Bryant Square Park at (612) 370-4907 for more information.


10th Ward City Council Update, CM Lisa Bender

  • The City sponsored a third meeting about the Hennepin Avenue Reconstruction on April 27 at BSP. Public Works staff presented the “preferred concept”, which includes on-street bike lanes, parking on the east side, and improved pedestrian facilities.
  • The MN Legislature is considering legislation to restrict cities’ ability to set minimum wage and workplace rules. However, the City is moving forward on how to implement the $15 minimum wage.


Coup d’ etat, Brent Frederick

– Frederick is the manager at the restaurant and described food selection including brunch. They are sponsoring the 4th annual Rock the Block event on June 3.


Crime & 911 Updates

  • MPD Crime Prevention Specialist Jennifer Waisnanen discussed recent crime incidents and described ways to prevent becoming a victim.
  • Deanna Olson and Derek Iverson are supervisors in the 911 emergency response department and described how 911 operators work with the community.


Land Use & Transportation Committee, Blake Bailes

  • Emi ? from the Great Northern Smokehouse was in attendance to talk about the new restaurant coming to 701 W. Lake Street. The restaurant is seeking a Class C liquor and sidewalk cafe licenses. The Land Use & Transportation Committee discussed the project and recommends approval. Motion, seconded to support the new Great Northern Smokehouse including the liquor and sidewalk cafe licenses. Approved.
  • The LU&T Committee also discussed the proposed Hennepin Avenue Reconstruction project concept and developed a resolution describing tweaks to the project. Bailes noted that CARAG resident Alex Cecchini developed a concept that incorporated protected bikeways, parking on both sides of the street, and narrower pedestrian crossings. It involves cutting into the grassy boulevard space to put in the parking bays.
  • Motion, seconded to support the LU&T resolution with an addendum from Bailes supporting the Cecchini concept. Approved.

“ ·       35th/34th/33rd: curb extensions for the side streets should match 32nd intersection

o   Embedded high-quality, high-visibility, long-lasting crosswalks should be at all intersections – we don’t approve of crosswalks only at signals as planned.

  • Lake St: Current arrangement does not help dangerous-deadly crossing.

o   Make the southbound left-hand lane at Hennepin into a left turn only lane onto eastbound Lake, to eliminate 10’ “merge area” south of Lake

o   Move bus stop at Hennepin and Lake South to incorporate pedestrian bump out at East corner of intersection

o   Hennepin and Lake intersection should have diagonal “barns” dance crosswalk

  • Lake to 31st block needs to have pull-off bays in each direction for loading/unloading of taxis, Ubers, drop-offs of elderly (3-4 spots each side).
  • 36th St, eliminate slip turn space on east side of street to narrow crosswalk by 8 feet.

Bike lanes

Strong opinions that bike lanes 31st to Lake created a dangerous dead-end bikeway until the rest of Hennepin gets rebuilt


– parking should be improved and coordinated at a district Uptown level. Inefficient and dangerous with current “circling for parking” (CA Pasadena? as example)


Addendum to Resolution: CARAG does not support the current Hennepin Ave proposed design (31st to 36th) due to a priority of cars over bikers and pedestrians. The lack of parking on both sides will create a dangerous situation of pedestrians crossing mid-block. We support the general design proposed by Alex Cecchini which allows for parking on both sides of the street, shorter crosswalks at each intersection, and a protected bike lane (see attached drawing). There also must be a plan to address the bike lanes ending at Lake Street into a chaotic situation without any bike lanes connecting to the greenway.”


Treasurer’s Report, Scott Engel/ Brad Klein

  • The CARAG Operations and NRP Administrative account reports were available through April for review.


Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 8:35PM.