Monthly CARAG Neighborhood Meeting Minutes: November 15, 2016

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting
November 15, 2016 Minutes

Attending: Blake Bailes, Diana Boegemann, Ginny Buran, Diana Crane, Colin Harris, Brad Klein, Jay Lindgren, Tricia Markle, Nancy Riestenberg

The meeting was called to order at 7:04PM.


Introductions & Announcements

– Board members and attendees introduced themselves.


Agenda & Minutes

  • Motion, seconded to approve the agenda and October 19 meeting minutes,. Approved.


Bryant Square Park, Jason Green

  • New window blinds and a new furnace were installed within the recreation center.
  • The Halloween Party was a big success including a lot of candy donations from the community.
  • Contact Bryant Square Park at (612) 370-4907 for more information.


10th Ward City Council Update, Council Member Lisa Bender

  • The reconstruction of W. 29th Street, between Lyndal and Bryant Avenues, into a shared street for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians is nearing completion. Landscaping and other streetscape improvements will be completed next spring.
  • The City Council is currently working on the 2017 budget, which will be finalized in early December. The Mayor’s proposed budget includes funding for more police and firefighters, bike & pedestrian safety, and youth violence prevention efforts that CM Bender strongly supports.


Minneapolis 2040 Workshop, Jason Lord

  • The City has begun the process of gathering feedback to update the Comprehensive Plan called “Minneapolis 2040”. The plan describes how the City will grow and change including housing, transportation, and types of business options citizens want by that year.
  • Lord led the group through a workshop discussion using the “meeting in a box” tool provided by the City. Attendees discussed their desired future for Minneapolis in small and large groups. The feedback was recorded on worksheets and large sheets of paper and will be sent to the Community Planning & Economic Development Department (CPED) to be included with overall City input.


Land Use & Transportation Committee, Colin Harris/ Jason Lord

  • The LU&T Committee took down the CARAG Parklet located at Morrissey’s Irish Pub on October 29 to be stored for the winter. The group will discuss where to locate it in 2017.
  • The committee discussed the proposed mixed-use development at 3453 Hennepin Avenue at past meetings, and the group approved a resolution recommending CARAG support for it. The project would replace a single-family home with a 3-story structure. The first floor would feature office space with three apartments on the upper two floors. To move forward the project requires zoning changes including: 1.) rezoning from Residential (R2) to Office Residential (OR1), 2.) a conditional use permit (CUP) to go from 2.5 to 3 stories, and 3.) side and front yard setback variances. Motion, seconded to support a resolution from LU&T recommending support for the proposed project at 3453 Hennepin Avenue. Approved.


Treasurer’s Report, Brad Klein/ Scott Engel

  • The CARAG Operations and NRP Administrative account balances and register reports will be available for review at the next meeting.
  • CARAG volunteers moved the office from SW Senior Center to Aldrich Church at 3501 Aldrich Avenue S. The space works well, but is somewhat smaller than the previous office. So, there will be work to organize files and set up furniture. Engel will work with church leadership to develop a lease agreement to be reviewed and approved by the CARAG Board at a future date.
  • CARAG has an agreement with MPRB to maintain the mosaic panels and keep a fund of about $1,000 on hand in case of damage. So far, we have raised about $225 towards that goal.


Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 8:33PM. The is no CARAG Neighborhood Meeting in December, so the next meeting is January 17, 2017.