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South Uptown is doing all sorts of fun stuff. Join in, and/or tell us what else we should be doing. Send us a note to join in:

South Uptown Affordable Housing / Rita's house

CARAG intends to partner with nonprofits and developers to create affordable housing in and around the neighborhood. In 2017 South Uptown partnered with 6 area neighborhood associations to help fund the Bridge for Youth’s “Rita’s House” project at 2200 Emerson Ave S. Rita’s House will provide housing and services for homeless youth.

Bryant Square Park Renovations

The park’s newly reconstructed wading pool will open this summer, and it will feature upgrades funded by South Uptown including ornamental fencing, a shade structure, and sprinklers. South Uptown will continue to advocate for the addition of air conditioning and replacement of the drinking fountain at the recreation center.

Bryant Square Park Dolphin Mosaic

South Uptown worked with Minneapolis Parks to preserve the iconic wading pool dolphin and will lead a community effort to repurpose it as sculpture covering it in mosaic tile.


Little Free Libraries

South Uptown has two little libraries that travel every few months to a new home in the neighborhood. Contact South Uptown if you want to host the library in your yard.

Let us know if you want to host a little library at your home.

Send us a note:


Hennepin Reconstruction

The roadway, between Lake and 36th Streets, will be completely reconstructed. South Uptown will continue to advocate for better streetscape, safer crossings, and upgrades that keep storm water from running directly into our lakes.

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South Uptown will deploy our parklet for the 4th year running at a location TBD. It is a mini-park in a parking space on the street and it features seating, plantings, and Magnetic Poetry ™.

The parklet is hosted by various businesses throughout South Uptown. Let us know if you want to host one.