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Sleepgram Pillow Review: Best Sleep friendly Pillow for Everyone

Indeed, the Sleepgram Pillow is a great option for those who are looking for a soft, fluffy, firm and yet be able to adjust and customize easily for every sleeper with a budget friendly price tag and 100 year guarantee warrant  along with 100 night sleep trial package.


Sleepgram Pillow: A Quick Overview


  • Double insert design
  • Adjustable ,soft and firm
  • Odor free and hypoallergenic microfiber filling
  • Suitable for every type of body sleepers
  • 100% Cotton cover with breathable quality
  • Super fluffy and moldable
  • No clumping
  • Free return in U.S. and Canada
  • Machine washable
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Free shipping on order above 100$


  • Might not be suitable for who like pressure relief memory foam
  • Might not be for those who keep on changing their pillows
  • Might sleep warm

What is Sleepgram Pillow made ?

Sleepgram pillow is made with 100% cotton with a breathable percale wave.  The wave is done a percale, which leaves it crisp and this is the quality of Sleepgram pillow which makes it easy to clean whenever needed. Sleepgram pillow comes in the  “3 pillow in 1” design.  The highlight about the Sleepgram pillows is the core of the three pillows, the outer pillow and two inserted pillow are made with polyester microfibers.

Sleepgram Pillow design:

Sleepgram pillows are designed as double inserts. Let’s starts with outer pillow which you have to unzip to three sides to unpack the two inner pillows, the thickness of each pillow varies which means that there are, many combo options to choose from to find a sleepers desired height and firmness.

Sleepgram pillow Dimensions:

Sleepgram pillow comes in two different sizes: Standard/Queen and King.  Standard/Queen dimensions are  26” x 18 and king is of 33” x 18”.


Sleepgram pillows are lightweight. N/A

Cover Stuff:

Cover stuff of the Sleepgram pillows is 100% cotton. The outer cover and the inner cover both are having cotton covers.


Sleepgram pillows core is filled with Polyester microfibers. Which makes the pillows soft and fluffy .The plus point is these pillows are allergic resistant and odor-free. Sleepgram pillows can easily wash and dry in machine.

Height of the Sleepgram Pillows:

Sleepgram pillows are considered super adjustable and easy to customize pillows because its users have the option to add or remove as many of the pillows as they like to get their desirable height to fix their comfort level.

Why Sleepgram Pillow is perfect for Everyone?

Sleepgram Pillow is a pillow which is adaptable for everyone, by using two different sized pillow a sleeper is weather a side, back , or stomach sleeper can customize their peaceful sleep easily. Sleepgram pillows are designed by considering sleepers of all sizes and sleeping styles.

Usually we look for soft, medium and firm pillow, Sleepgram pillow offers all in one design .

Is Sleepgram Pillow best for neck pain sufferers?

The answer is Yes, the first or “red pillow” is a medium –feel pillow at around 4 and half inches thick. It is thicker and firmer than pother pillows. Back sleepers who want to avoid to sink their heads in pillow and want to eliminate the risk of neck pain ,they will find a perfect fit using the red pillow by itself.

Is Sleepgram Pillow perfect for Stomach Sleeper?  

It’s a big Yes by Sleepgram Pillow, because the second pillow or “blue pillow” is a thinner or less in thickness as compare with red pillow. It is a pillow which gives softer feel it around 2 and half inches thick.  It is understandable the pillow is not too thick that it will raise the sleeper’s neck high and disturbs the body’s alignment.

What Sleepgram pillows offer for firm pillow lovers?

Sleepgram pillow comes in 3 in 1 design so if the sleeper put both red and blue pillow into the outer cover, they will definitely have a firm pillow best suit for side sleepers and back sleepers who deal with neck pain.

A side sleeper wants a firm pillow to keep their neck supported while sleep and rest and they want their heads elevated.

Sleepgram Pillows performance with Heavyweight Sleepers:

Sleepgram pillow also reviewed by heavyweight sleepers who were over 230 lbs. They got a chance to lie on sleepgram pillows so they choose to use all the inserts in the pillow to make sure they had enough support when they lie on and fell slept on their back, they said they felt properly supported and didn’t felt any strain on their neck.


Sleepgram pillow also got reviewed by side sleepers so they did take one pillow out to make the pillow softer when they lie on their side .The pillow was a great match for their comfort level in side sleeping position .

Does Sleepgram pillow work for Lightweight Sleepers?

Sleepers under 130 lbs or smaller body types might dream about or to aim for a combination of the outer pillow and one of the inserts, as all three together may prove to be too much support .

Lightweight side sleepers will probably want to have firm pillow support,while back sleepers will want to opt the softest .

In some cases, lightweight stomach sleepers will want to sleep with just one pillow –either the outer pillow or one of the inserted pillow  just avoid any strain in the neck and head.

Does Sleepgram pillow feel hot?

No, Sleepgram  pillow  is extremely breathable. It is hard for the heat to be trapped in this pillow because the microfibers are very lightweight and air can easily pass through them. The outer cover is a Percale weave of its breathable nature as well.

Why People choose and love Sleepgram pillow?

People choose and love Sleepgram pillow because of its easy to customize nature and secondly for the quality sleep which it gives. People love to have these pillows because the cotton cover feels so soft against their face skin and the pillow feels firm enough under their neck without giving the feel of weakness.

Mostly people use combo sleeping styles, so they need thicker support while sleeping on side position and softer feel when they lie on their stomach , using both the red and blue pillows Sleepgram pillow satisfies its sleepers without making them annoy .

Sleepgram pillows take care of your sleep and health, being healthy does not mean you don’t have any disease so you are healthy , health relates with your physical ,mental and emotions.

If a person can’t feel relax and peaceful on his/her bed and won’t be able to have good sleep at night  he/she will definitely wake up with bad mood and less energy which will keep them lazy all the day long.

Sleepgram pillow gives a soft feathery touch and option of good sleep.

Sleepers of any size and sleeping style can use Sleepgram pillow easily as it adapts everykind of sleeper.

Product Information:


Standard/Queen 18”x 26” w/2 gusset

King 18” x 33” w/2 gusset


100 years Guarantee

Where you can buy?

Everyone can buy Sleepgram pillow at website sleepgram.com and Amazon.com

 Shipping and Returns:

Sleepgram pillow offers free shipping throughout the United states and Canada . It offers 100 nights trial and if within those 100 nights you find out that they don’t work for you, you can return them for a refund.

They have to be in like new condition, in other word they should must be in the condition to donate .

For return you need your original receipt and RMA number to include with you return .You can get the number easily by your customer service person . You must to pay to return you pillows to Sleepgram.

You can contact Sleepgram via mail at help@Sleepgram.com  or call at 877-257-5337 with any query to be answered or to know about the return process.

Why you should buy Sleepgram Pillow?

 There are many reasons to buy sleepgram pillow, because it offers you much to fulfill your desire of peaceful sleep, it gives you 3 pillows in one design with different characteristics.

It gives you soft , fluffy and firm feel in one package , can adjust easily and can easily customize too. It has the quality to adapt every kind of sleeper either he is stomach sleeper or back or he love to lie down on side position, Sleepgram pillow will be adjustable in every sleeping position.

It gives comfort to every size of sleeper whether he is over 230 Ibs or under 130 Ibs or having average size of body .

Sleepgram pillows can wash in machines and can be molded into your desired shape  and have quality to protect your skin because of its 100% cotton cover.

 What makes Sleepgram Pillow Unique?

The Sleepgram Pillow claims to offer a luxury comfortable sleeping experience as the Sleepgram pillow have been slept on and loved by sleepers of all sizes, the Sleepgram Pillow offer 100 night sleep trial means customers can return the pillows after 100 nights if they find out they are not working for them.Sleepgram  is made up of microfibers and 100 cotton what actually makes Sleepgram Pillow different from other pillows, is the way they designed .You can enjoy their combination of soft and firm microfiber pillow to find the perfect fit and your perfect night sleep.


The price of Standard/ Queen is $ 50

The price of king is $65

As it is mentioned above that Sleepgram Pillow comes in two different sizes.


Sleepgram have analyzed so many pillow design while trying to come up with their unique design that ensures good night sleeps. The company find that we all want pillows which can be easily customize and adjust,  by keeping in view the customers need Sleepgram designed the pillow which is hypoallergenic and odor free. We also  it to be pocket friendly and machine friendly ,so we can wash sleepgram pillows in washing easily and they are affordable to buy.

Sleepgram did succeeded because different kind of sleepers find out to sleep fine and comfortable by using these pillows. People can buy in standard/queen size and king size according to their needs.

If you admire and appreciate the efoorts that went into the designing , need something new and allergic resistant and want an adjustable ,customizable ,soft ,firm and fluffy and sleep friendly  then you should must give a try to Sleepgram Pillows.