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Sleepgram Pillow Review – Buyer’s Guide & How To Buy!

If you sleep in more than one position during a single night, then the Sleepgram pillow is perfect for you. Sleepgram pillows are widely used by combination sleepers. Sleepgram Pillows are designed in such a way that they offer a variety of different levels of firmness, which can support your sleeping position, no matter which position you choose to land in. 

The main advantage of Sleepgram Pillow, which is known by very few people is that it is a customizable pillow. You can get soft, medium or medium-firm levels of support by just arranging the inner pillows, as Sleepgram Pillows are provided with three pillows in one. 

What’s The Sleepgram Pillow Made Of?

The Sleepgram Pillow is 100% made of cotton. Its cover fabric is super soft and light in texture because of the presence of pure cotton. The zipper is extended from the side of the pillow, and sleepers can easily remove the cover when there is a need for washing. 

Sleepgram Pillow consists of two separate pillows, inside the cover, which is covered in 100% polyester. This is again filled with poly microfiber, which is a fluffy-down alternative. 

To distinguish the inner portion of the Sleepgram Pillow, the pillows are marked with blue and red markers. The blue marker denotes soft firmness, while the red marker denotes medium firmness respectively. This provides sleepers to match and mix pillow arrangement or configuration to get customize the firmness. 

To get the soft firmness level, leave the blue pillow in, and to get the medium level firmness to leave the red pillow in. for medium-firm level firmness leave both pillows in. 

The Sleepgram Pillows are designed so that individuals of every age group can adjust their pillow position according to the firmness they want to get. The Sleepgram Pillows also allow sleepers of all styles to enjoy their sleep, by just adjusting the firmness according to their preferred position.

How Does It Feel?

Because of the use of light cotton cover fabric, the Sleepgram Pillow feels so soft to the touch and gives a cozy texture against your skin. But the point to remember is that its feel and support changes, according to your preferred position, means how you customize it. 

It offers a range of soft firmness levels to medium firmness level of support. 

What’s Inside The Pillow?

Soft Level of Support:

  • It provides a squishy and flat level of support.
  • It is best for sleepers who like to have thin, malleable and super soft pillows. 
  • Stomach sleepers can get most of the benefits from a blue level of support, as they need a flatter and softer pillow to maintain a healthy posture. 
  • When the blue marked pillow is inside of the Sleepgram pillow, it provides the most foldable position. 

Medium Level of Support:

  • When using the medium level of firmness, the Sleepgram pillow gives fluffier texture along with a bit more loft. 
  • By using this support level, still, it is very easy to fold, shape and flattens the pillow, as it is on the softer side of a medium support level. 
  • Back sleepers might be more comfortable with this combination, as it provides cushy pressure relief, but still, it is not so firm that it can elevate the head. 
  • It provides the most fluffable configuration. 
  • sleepgram pillow reviews It also provides comfortable pressure relief and provides the best posture support for back sleepers. 

Medium-Firm Level Support:

  • This configuration is formed with the combination of both red and blue pillows.
  • This combination in Sleepgram Pillow offers the firmest level of support.
  • Medium-firm level support is best to build loftiest and fluffiest support.
  • This support becomes more supportive and less shapeable.
  • The fluffy poly microfiber provides the sleepers a nice sink ability into the pillow, but devoid of softness and malleability.
  • This support level is best for side sleepers, who need a firmer and lofty pillow.
  • the balance between soft and medium support level provides the sleepers with cozy fluffy cloud-like comfort. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Sleepgram Pillow?


  1. It is easily machine washable and dryable.
  2. It provides adjustable loft and firmness.
  3. The best quality of Sleepgram Pillow is that it offers Hypoallergenic microfiber filling.
  4. The company provides free returns in the U.S. and Canada.
  5. The Sleepgram pillows provide no clumping.
  6. Removing and Inserting of pillows is easy because of the presence of zippers on both sides externally.
  7. You can get free shipping if the purchase is over $100.
  8. Molding of the Sleepgram pillow is easy and you can do it according to your liking. 
  9. This pillow service also offers a 100-night sleep trial.
  10. It also provides an amazing offer of a 100-year warranty.


  1. The only problem face by some of the sleepers is that it does not provide enough firm support to some sleepers. It is not best for side sleepers, who need firm support under their necks.
  2. It is also found out that, sleeps warm for some sleepers. Though 100% cotton cover is used, it still retains some heat.



The product is fully provided with a fully adjustable pillow along with long fiber. Having ADD or REMOVE inserts make the pillow to be adjustable according to your comfort. Because of promoting proper alignment, it allows sleepers to have deep sleep through the night. It is the best choice for allergy sufferers. Now they no longer will compromise on comfort. Sleepgram pillows offer polyester fabric lining, the cut size measurement for standard pillow size is 18in. * 26in. while the King size is provided with 18in. * 33in. Sleepgram pillows provide three-in-one perfect fit pillow support. 

Warranty status:

The Sleepgram pillow comes with lifetime warranty status.

Where To Buy?

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Shipping And Return Policy:

Sleepgram.com ships Sleepgram pillows throughout the United States and Canada. The positive point is that if you sleep on the Sleepgram pillow for 100 nights and still you didn’t find it suitable, then you have a chance to return it for a refund. But make sure the pillows should be in like-new condition. Furthermore, the company will decide if they are good enough or not. 

To start a return procedure you need to have an original receipt that you got when you first received your order. You also need to have an RMA number before starting the return procedure. The Sleepgram customer service person can give you an RMA number upon asking. 

Once the return procedure is completed, you have to wait for 5 to 14 days, so that they can finalize the return process. For any query, you can contact Sleepgram via an email at help@Sleepgram.com or you can also call them at 877-257-5337.

What Type Of Sleepers Are Best Suited To The Sleepgram Pillow?

Sleepers may have different sleep styles and body mass indexes (BMIs), because of which they like to have different firmness, support, and loft needs. It was found out that the Sleepgram Pillow is best for those who want to have a traditional style pillow. 

Quick Summary:

Logan Newell and Leo Haury are the co-founders of the Sleepgram Pillow. They designed this customizable, three-in-one Pillow just to revolutionize the pillow industry. They aim to provide luxury pillow design having comfortable firm support for combo sleepers. 

The revolutionary Sleepgram pillow specially offers a zippered outer case, having two removable pillows inside with different sizes. You can remove and re-arrange the inserts to different heights and firmness levels. 

The unique feature that makes Sleepgram Pillow different from the rest of the pillows, is that it offers a variety of firmness preferences and support levels that are suitable for different sleep styles. 

The Bottom Line:

The three-in-one Sleepgram Pillow offers two inserts.

These are filled with down alternative fibers. 

They can be used together or individually. 

It provides moldability and shape recovery.

It provides low-loft and softer insert and mild-loft and and firmer insert, when used both provides firm-high loft feel. 

Many consumers appreciate the unique design of the Sleepgram Pillows. It is not wrong to say that Sleepgram Pillows got many positive reviews. The main reason, that this invention got many positive reviews is because of its thoughtful design, fluffiness, and adjustability. 

Studies reveal that consumers with neck pain review that the Sleepgram Pillow is very useful for them in helping to alleviate neck pain symptoms.

But on the other side, some negative reviews were also observed that are not at its maximum level. According to those negative reviews of the Sleepgram Pillow, it can’t provide enough firmness at its full loft and is too soft. Others also complain about its heavyweight. Though 100% of cotton is used, consumers still complain that it gains heat, and does not sleep any cooler. Also, some consumers complain about its durability property, having some stitching issues. Though these are the minor negative reviews, still the company is focusing on these and ensures to minimize them in the future. 

Listing Positive Reviews of Sleepgram Pillow:

It provides a revolutionary design and is the best turning point in the pillow industry.

Consumers can find out the right fluffiness, by using this pillow, without having to buy multiple pillows. 

It can also provide three configurations at a time, that can range from flat to fluffy, because of two inner pillows.

One of the best reviews of the Sleepgram pillow shows that it is best for those sleepers who want traditional pillow shape but were facing problem in finding the right fluffiness for them with standard options.

Mostly consumes review that it provides the best customization option, and shows satisfaction about its customization property.

Support Level Of The Sleepgram Pillow:

The consumers are totally satisfied with the construction of the Sleepgram Pillow, they review that it provides multiple levels of fluffiness options to their pillow. Consumers are also liking the three configuration system the Sleepgram pillow is providing. 

Sleepgram Pillow reviews Scores:

Study of different reviews show the following pillow score,

Overall Score: 

The overall score the Sleepgram Pillow got is, 9.4/10

Material Quality: 

Reviews show that the material quality is very good, and it scores about 9.4/10


Sleepgram Pillows offer good comfort. It scores 9.5/10.


The support level is best for most of the combo sleepers. It scores about 9.5/10.


The Sleepgram Pillows also provide cooling property. It scores about 9/10.

Quick Summary:

According to the Sleepgram Pillow reviews, it was found out that it is a well-rated pillow along with its revolutionary design that provides 3 pillows in 1 design. 

The best point for the pillow is that it comes up with two pillows that are stacked within the pillow cover so that to create a fluffy and more supportive pillow. 

You can remove one of the pillows from inside if you want to have less support level. Customers review positive about its versatility and comfort level.

Only a few negative complaints have been observed about its longevity and heat retention.